Trade Assistant Provides Real Time Trade Ideas! trading signals

Finally! A semi-automated chart package keeping YOU as the Trader in Command!

We start with a robust trading strategy based upon the day trading Just Day Trade! and Position Swing Trading Boot Camp. 

We add an advanced charting package with built-in money management including automatic order sizing based on YOUR account size and trading parameters YOU decide.

You now monitor as many markets as you want and/or as many time frames with the software searching for trading signals. What happens next?

  • Trade criteria met! Trading signals!
  • You click the alert and a chart pops up!
  • A suggested trading signal bracket order appears on your chart showing entry, protective stop, and profit-taking station and/or trailing stop for staying in the trade as long as conditions are met reading price action.
  • You define if you want a constant set of contracts OR do you want order-sizing automatically adding more contracts as your account grows and using less contracts as your account experiences draw-down.
  • YOU, the Trader in Command quickly evaluate the trading signal set-up and make the decision of entry or pass. 
  • If entered on your command, everything else is automated. Sit back and watch your strategy execute trading signals! We expect follow-through, yet know nothing in trading is 100%.

Introducing AgenaTrader Andromedia – The latest chart package developed in Europe based on the idea of providing retail day and position swing traders with a professional trading platform.  Click the Find Out More button and meet AgenaTrader!

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